Billy Howard is a familiar face. Chances are you’ve seen him stationed at various inner-north bars, or walking out of Piedimonte’s with nothing but a bachelor’s handbag (FYI that’s a whole roast chook in a handled carrier). He bestows a touch of leopard print everywhere he goes.


After a quick conversation, you’ll learn that Billy is unashamedly himself – and his creative outputs are a testament to that. Art was Billy’s first love. But after too many nude paintings of his mates he started making furniture. Already a chippy by trade, he found a mentor and began fine-tuning his craft.


Billy has gradually moved away from traditional furniture making to find a style of his own – where objects aren’t meant to be taken too seriously. His creations are playful and sexy (just like himself). To boot, each piece is handmade with carefully sourced materials, precision and plenty of personality.